How We Work

We work closely together with you in order to derive the best solution for your project.

How We Work


Project Demands

The first step is to understand your technical, budget and time requirements for the project. These requirements will influence our search for the most suitable candidate(s).


Recruitment Process

The complexity and availability of the types of talents you’re looking for will determine the necessary time needed to complete the process. This can take anywhere from a few days to weeks. Once the candidate has been identified, the hiring process will be initiated where we will take care of all legal and work related bureaucracies on your behalf such as salary, taxes, insurances and workplace.

How We Work
How We Work


Project Start

With your new team in place, all milestones
and deadlines can be set and the project is ready for kick-off.

Your team will be always available during
normal working hours, ensuring you don’t miss a beat.

Do you need help developing a project ?

Ask for an estimate and start building your team. We’re there for you throughout the process.