Why Portugal?

What makes Portugal so attractive for nearshoring?

These unique selling points
make Portugal very attractive for nearshoring

In this beautiful country, there is an immense number of IT professionals with the skills and experience necessary to handle any sort of software technology. The country is filled with English-speaking, some even German, French, Italian or Spanish, talents who value technology and engineering with a computer science-oriented education.


  • Competitive rates
  • Well educated work force available
  • 1 hour timezone difference from Switzerland
  • Politically and commercially secure and stable
  • Convenient geographical location
  • Current venue to the Web Summit


  • Reliable
  • Adaptable
  • Tech savvy society
  • Friendly and hospitable
  • European Football Champions
  • Comfortable climate conditions

Whatever project needs there may be, software teams created or extended, it can be achieved with the many talented individuals based out of Portugal.

Focus on your core business, without having to worry about recruitment, payroll, leaves and assessments.

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